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Latest Important Tips For Hair Growth

Hair is something that is associated with beauty and attraction. Good and long hairs enhance the beauty and attract everybody. Every girl tries to make their hair from good to great. Here are some tips and tricks that can transform the hair:
Latest Important Tips For Hair Growth

Trim hair:

It is very important to trim the hair it will increase length of hair quickly. It will keep tips looking healthy and prevent from splits ends. Regularly trimming makes hair good and removes all split hair; split hair can damage the hair badly. Trimming may enhance the beauty of the hair. Try to trim the hair every three months.

Don’t brush the hair too much:

Too much brushing can cause hair fall. Avoid brushing all time. Do not brush hair with hard hands, comb your hairs softly. Make sure to brush gently, especially when your hair is wet.

Do not wash too much:

Washing is good for hair but too much can harm full for hair. While keeping your hair clean is essential for cleanliness and hair growth. Using shampoo every single day can cause dry out and remove all natural oil from the hair. Wash hair three to four times a week.

Give protection to hair:
It is very important to protect hair. This is very common tip but most of the people neglect it before going outside. If the weather is dusty or harsh put on scarf or hat on the head to protect the hair.

Drink water:

Water is basically a best treatment for every problem. It helps the body to be hydrated and makes the body to function properly. It is essential to make sure you are always hydrated. It has positive effect over the growth of hair. Increase the intake of water up to 8 glass a day for faster hair growth.

Warm oil for massage:

Massage is very good for hair. Warm oil scalp massage has wonderful effects over hair. It is easy tips and it really work. Slightly warm the oil and then apply overhead. Gently going through the roots of your hair in circular motions. Wait for half an hour then shampoo your hair. This treatment is not only relaxing but also gives the best results. This treatment works wonders for the hair, shiny, glossy, and healthy.

Eat healthy:
Diet is very important as far as growth of hair is concern. You look what you eat. Add protein and other diet ingredients like eggs, meats and even dairy products like yogurt to the diet. Proteins in the form of egg it will help in the growth of hair. Proteins are very essential for the hair. It provides the hair with building material that allows them to grow faster.

Mask for hair:
Take Juice of two big fresh potatoes; add a tablespoon of honey and one yolk of an egg. Mix the ingredients. Apply this mixture in the hair root. Wait for hour then shampoo the hair. It will bless you with the amazing effects. Castor oil is also very effective for the growth of hair. Just massage your hair with castor oil before you go to bed and leave it on overnight. It will give you wonderful effects.

How To Quick Remove Skin Tags And Moles Use These 8 Easy Home Remedies

How To Quick Remove Skin Tags And Moles Use These 8 Easy Home Remedies

Skin tags or papillomas are mostly benign growths on the skin. They occur totally on the nose, neck, face, chest, armpits, or inner thighs. they will be harmless, but it's always advisable to urge them checked, as they will even be thanks to some medical condition which may need immediate attention.

Apart from surgery, there are safe and effective treatments to remove these. Some home remedies to remove skin tags are discussed below. Let us take a quick look at these.

#1. Banana peel

We generally throw off the banana peel after we eat the banana. This peel can be used to remove skin tags- all you need to do is cut it and place it on the tag and cover it up with tape. While keeping the peel make sure that you allow the inside portion of the peel to touch the skin. Keep this overnight and remove the tape and wash the area in the morning. Repeat the process, the tag will fall off in a few days.

#2. Castor oil

Castor oil is also an effective home remedy to remove skin tags. You need to mix the oil with some baking soda to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the skin tag two-three times in a day. It takes around three-four weeks to the tag to shrink and fall off naturally, so one has to continue with the application of the paste for three-four weeks.

#3. Garlic

Garlic can do wonders when it comes to skin treatments. However, one needs to be careful while using garlic to treat skin tags. Take one slice of garlic and place it on the tag. Cover it with tape. Make sure you replace the garlic with a fresh clove after a few hours every time. Continue the clove replacements for two-three days. After around 3 days, the tag will fall off naturally.

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#4. Lemon

Lemon is citric in nature and thus helps in the decomposition of the tags’ cells. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on a cotton ball, and apply it to the tag. Make sure you do not step out in the sun unless you want a tan! You can apply the lime juice three-four times a day. The tag will come off in two-three weeks.

#5. Onion juice

Onion juice mixed with some salt is a wonderful home remedy for the removal of skin tags. Apply this mixture on the tag, and leave it overnight. Do not forget to cover the applied portion before you sleep. Wash the area in the morning. The skin tag will fall off in a week or two.

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#6. Pineapple

Even pineapple helps in the removal of skin tags. You need to cut fresh pineapple slices, and blend the pieces into juice. Use a cotton ball and dip it in the juice and apply it on the skin tag. Repeat it twice a day, and see the tag fall off within a few weeks.

#7. Potato and cauliflower

Surprisingly, potato and cauliflower can be used to remove skin tags. These vegetables dry the skin tag and make the portion smooth after the tag falls off. You need to blend potato, cauliflower and two cloves of garlic into juice, and dab it on the skin tag before you go to sleep. Cover this area and then wash it off the next morning. The tag will fall off after a few days.

#8. Tea tree oil

Another effective home treatment for skin tags is tea tree oil. The oil is naturally antiseptic and thus protects the skin as well. You can apply a few drops of the oil on the tag four three-four times a day till the tag dries off and falls. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you dilute the oil before using it.

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Best Superfoods That Will Help You Lose Weight

When trying to shed some extra pounds, you ought to always pay close attention to your diet. you'll start doing exercises, choose runs, and do a workout a day, but if you continue eating junk and fatty foods that make your hips grow, burning extra calories will become an entire lot harder. this is often when superfoods come in! a number of them are good at suppressing hunger and making you are feeling full for extended periods of your time, while others help reduce belly fat. Here are 10 superfoods which will assist you to reduce.

Best Superfoods That Will Help You Lose Weight


Avocado is a well-known superfood that has all kinds of benefits for your health and body. It is low in calories, but it will fill you up in no time keeping you satiated for half a day. Make avocado a part of your breakfast routine or add it to your lunch sandwich – you will not feel like having any snacks afterward!


Many overlook bananas when planning their diet, but that is a huge mistake. Not only do they promote a good mood and help your brain take in serotonin faster, but they also contain Vitamin B and a fat-burning compound called choline that helps reduce stomach fat. That’s a real superfood! You can eat bananas plain as a snack, make them into morning smoothies, shakes, sandwiches, and even add them to your oatmeal.


Guava is an incredible fruit not many people know about. It’s a powerful source of Vitamin C and protein that helps you feel satiated for longer periods of time. Eat high-protein fruits if you are into a workout and want to shed some pounds – they are low in calories but will fill you up in no time. You can eat guava raw or add it to a fruit smoothie.

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Green tea

When it comes to promoting weight loss green tea is your new best friend. One cup of green tea contains only 2 calories, but its benefits go much further. Green tea flushes out toxins, reduces inflammation, and cleanses your body on various levels. A few cups of green tea per day will help you shed some extra pounds.


You can forget all about hunger pangs when blueberries are on your plate. These minute berries aren’t just pretty — they also pack a heavy load of various vitamins (A, C, K), dietary fiber, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. They make for a perfect snack or can be added to drinks, smoothies, fruit bowls, desserts, and whatever another dish you might come up with.


Studies show that grapefruit is chock-full of lycopene that reduces cholesterol levels and helps burn belly fat among other things. It prevents several diseases from appearing and contains a high amount of Vitamin C that boosts your metabolism. Eat half a grapefruit before breakfast and consider adding a few slices to your lunchbox. 


Matcha might very well be the king of all weight-loss superfoods on this list. It contains high levels of EGCG, a compound that promotes weight loss and helps break down fat, preventing new fat from appearing. It also contains proteins, which makes it perfect for your diet. You can prepare traditional Japanese matcha tea from the green powder or use it to make super-popular-now matcha lattes and smoothies. Matcha is pretty bitter, so if you want to sweeten it a bit better use organic honey.


Lentils have been known to humankind for thousands of years and they are just as popular now as they were before! They are high in dietary fiber and contain enough protein to keep you satiated for a whole day. Needless to say, they are low in calories as well! Red, green, black, or yellow – there are many varieties of lentils you can experiment with.

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Coconut Oil

Not many people know this, but coconut oil is a powerful metabolism booster. Our bodies don’t store the fats present in coconut oil as they get broken down really fast after consumption. You can use coconut oil for salads, stir-fries, and all kinds of baked yummies. It tastes amazing!


Spinach has been a superfood long before the term hit the Internet and became a trend. If you’re looking for a powerful weight-loss booster – this is it! Spinach is an incredible detoxifier that helps cleanse your liver, the organ responsible for flushing out toxins and all kinds of bad stuff from your body. It’s hard to shed unwanted pounds if your liver isn’t healthy! You can cook spinach on a pan, stir-fry it with a bunch of veggies, add it to smoothies, salads, and omelets. It tastes yummy and will considerably boost your health.

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Best Things That Happen to Your Skin When You Skip the Sunscreen

Is sunscreen a neighborhood of your skincare regimen? If the solution is not any, that ought to probably change today. Everyone’s skin doesn’t necessarily burn if they don’t utilize sunscreen. Some people can go a full day within the sun and never need to affect the brutal reality of sunburn. But the even harsher reality of skipping sunscreen could eventually catch up with you. it's going to not appear so, but skipping sunscreen may be a lot more detrimental than most think. inspect things that happen to your skin once you skip the sunscreen.

Best Things That Happen to Your Skin When You Skip the Sunscreen

Tanned Skin

This one is obvious, but some people don’t realize how quickly skin can tan — and the more you tan your skin, the more you are directly impacting your skin’s health simultaneously. Skin begins to show the appearance of “tanning” when the melanocyte cells in the epidermis layer of your skin begin producing a darker hue.

Leathery Feel

As stated, melanocyte cells in the epidermis layer of the skin is what gives the appearance of a tan. The lower level of the epidermis also acts as a protectant against UV ray exposure. So as you are tanning, the top layer of the epidermis begins to thicken as the lower level is pushing cells upward — like cells coming to defense like armor, in a sense. So as your skin gets darker, you are actively making your skin tougher — literally. This is why some people who tan regularly begin to have a leathery skin type, both in touch and appearance.


We all know this is pretty common for many people to experience sunburn while tanning. If you have a skin type that easily sunburns, then it is basically a guarantee that you are experiencing skin damage with every red blotch of skin. Most times sunburn is mild and will heal within a few days to a week. But if you get a really nasty case of sunburn, you could actually incur second-degree burns. If this is the case, your skin can be burned below even the top layer of skin, the epidermis. Your dermis level can be severely damaged, and skin can begin to blister and scab, and even appear wet. If your sunburn is this drastic, it could take several weeks to heal.

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More Moles and Freckles

Although we all naturally have moles, some skin tones are more prone to developing a greater number of moles or freckles as a result of over-exposure to the sun. This happens when melanocyte cells begin to clump together. Fair-skinned people are more susceptible to mole development from soaking up the sun, which can be dangerous if those moles become abnormal.

Pre-mature Aging

One of the most obvious consequences of not protecting your skin while baking in the sun is pre-mature aging. Consistently leaving your skin under the heated microscope of the sun’s rays for an extended number of years will definitely add more years to your skin’s appearance. Sunscreen is said to be one of the best anti-aging tools you need in your arsenal.

Wrinkles and Dark Spots

Going years without wearing sunscreen will actually change the entire texture and feel of your skin in so many ways. Significant fine lines and wrinkles can begin to develop over time. You could potentially experience dark spots or discoloration in different areas of your skin.

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Potential Skin Disease

Unfortunately, after prolonged overexposure to the sun and dangerous UV rays, it is highly possible to develop skin diseases as a result. Carcinoma and melanoma are both types of skin cancer that can develop because of skin damage from sun overexposure. This is another reason why utilizing sunscreen is so critical — it can truly be life-saving

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Anise Benefits Your Health And Peace of Mind

Anise is one among the well-known medicinal herbs circulated since past , which are utilized in many medical treatments. Here are the anise benefits.

Anise is one among the perennial herbs whose seeds and essential oils are used since past within the world of drugs and herbs. 

The anise has its origins within the Mediterranean and therefore the Middle East . it's long been popular within the Nile region and among ancient Egyptians.

Anise Benefits Your Health And Peace of Mind

Anise benefits

Anise has many benefits that accrue to human health and address various medical problems, and we mention these anise benefits as follows:

1- It enhances the digestive system

Eating anise is especially useful for the digestive system, especially in the following areas:

  • Promote the process of digestion: Eating anise contributes to promoting the process of digestion and softening the stomach, and he was using boiled anise seeds since ancient times after eating a hearty meal to help with digestion.
  • Treats constipation: Anise has laxative properties and its oil is a natural laxative that contributes to treating and preventing constipation, and also helps in treating indigestion and getting rid of flatulence.
  • Gas expeller: It is known that failure to address the problem of gases will contribute to the development of diseases in the long run such as stomach pain, acute chest pain, muscle spasm, joint pain, and rheumatism.

2- Promote appetite

Eating anise benefits may be augmenting the appetite by stimulating it to secrete digestive enzymes in the stomach, which helps boost digestion and appetite.

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3- Promote respiratory health

It was found that drinking anise is considered an aid in the treatment of asthma and various respiratory problems, and it helps reduce congestion in the airways, and treat bronchitis.

Thus, it has anti-cold, phlegm and cough effects.

4- Anti-inflammatory and rheumatism

Anise has found various anti-inflammatory properties in the body, especially arthritis, and rheumatic pain by stimulating blood circulation.

5- Antiseptic and insect killer

anise benefits essential oil contains substances with antiseptic properties and can be used to cleanse wounds, preventing poisoning or inflammation, and also help speed up the healing process.

Another benefit of anise is that it can kill some types of insects, such as lice, once applied to the scalp.

6- Treating spasms and cramps

Eating anises in some health conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, epilepsy or coughing, which results in cramps, cramps, nerve pain, diarrhea, or coughing, actually helps relieve these symptoms.

It helps relax the muscles, nerves and blood vessels responsible for these spasms.

7- Pain relief and relaxation

Anise has been found to have analgesic and soothing properties for nerves and relieve stress, anxiety and any nerve pain, and it fights depression, stress, and anger.

It was found that applying anise oil to the forehead might contribute to treating headaches and headaches.

8- Treatment of sleep disorders

As a result of the sedative and calming effects of anise and its role in helping to relax, it is considered a treatment for sleep problems and disorders and an aid in the treatment of insomnia.

However, consuming it in large doses may adversely affect and act as an anesthetic, while drinking it in a small amount may contribute to being a stimulant to the nerves, so it is better to moderate it in order to treat the problems of sleep disorders and insomnia.

9- Anise Benefits for children

Giving anise to children in reasonable quantities helps calm his stomach and treat some digestive and respiratory problems, and he is an expeller of gases.

However, caution may be required when administering it, especially since that until now there have been no studies showing the extent of the amount specifically allowed for children from it.

10- Treating menstrual problems and pain

Since anise acts like the estrogen hormone in the body, it may be useful in treating the menstrual cycle and relieving its symptoms and the contractions and contractions resulting therefrom.

11- Benefits of anise for breastfeeding and pregnancy

Some doctors and physiotherapists may recommend aniseed as a way to increase the generation of breast milk in a breastfeeding woman, as it is a gas repellent and will contribute to resting and calming the intestine.

It also helps to relax and increase the tension and anxiety of the breastfeeding woman, which may enhance the process of breastfeeding.

As for pregnant women, it is advised to take anise only in the last period of pregnancy and during the birth process, as it is a facilitator of contractions and helps in childbirth.

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Aniseed uses

Anise, whether in the form of seeds, leaves or even oil, is used in the manufacture of many preparations and medicinal medicines to treat many medical problems such as:

  • Treatment of intestinal and digestive disorders.
  • Gas expelling.
  • constipation treatment.
  • Expel phlegm.
  • Asthma treatment.
  • Diuresis.
  • Stimulating appetite.
  • Treating sleep disorders and insomnia.
  • It may also be beneficial for women in treating menstrual problems, menstrual pain, and increased sexual desire.   
  • Anise oil or boiled can be applied to the skin to treat some skin problems such as psoriasis, lice, and scabies treatment.
  • anise also enters in some nutritional industries and in the world of cooking, to add flavor and aroma to food, as in the manufacture of sweets, dairy, meat, and alcohol.
  • It is used in the world of cosmetics, creams, soaps, and perfumes.

Recommended dose

There are no clear clinical studies that determine the allowable amount of anise daily.

However, some directions indicated that, in the event of indigestion, it is recommended to consume 0.5-3 g of anise seeds or 0.1-0.3 ml of its essential oil.

Side effects

Anise is generally considered safe for adults to use when taken orally in moderate amounts and is recommended. However, it may not be advised to take it for some special cases, such as:

  • Food allergy: Some people may experience an allergy to anise and plants belonging to the same family as celery, fennel, dill, and coriander.
  • Allergy to estrogen: Anise is not recommended for some health conditions that may be sensitive to estrogens, such as in breast or uterine cancer.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Usually eating anise in moderation will never be harmful to pregnant or breastfeeding women, but the increase in rates is safe unless its effect is proven during pregnancy or lactation.
  •  Children: Anise is usually safe for children to take anise, but until now there has not been enough information available on the safe dose for children.

Anise nutritional value

Anise is anise considered scarce in calories and poor in protein and fat.

However, it is high in many vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium, in addition to each of vitamin C, vitamin A, and a little folate.

Here is  the nutritional value of a tablespoon of anise  (6 g) of the basic ingredients:
Calories22 calories
Carbohydrates3 g
Proteins1 g
Fats1 g
Dietary fiber1 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium1 mg

His interactions with drugs

We may find that taking anise may interfere with the work of some medications in the body. These medications include:

  1.  Estrogen hormone: Consuming large amounts of anise may have the same effect as estrogen in the body. Taking anise with estrogen tablets may have a positive effect on health.
  2.  Contraceptive pills: Taking anise with birth control pills, especially those that contain estrogen, may affect the mechanism and effect of the drug.
  3.  Prevention and treatment of cancer drugs: eating anise may affect the work of some drugs mechanism of anti-cancer drugs such as tamoxifen (Tamoxifen -Nolvadex).
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Here is Top Health Benefits of Oranges Foods

The Benefits of Orange are considered a distinctive and beloved fruit, as it is famous for its high vitamin C content, which is necessary to protect the body from winter diseases. What are the benefits of orange?

Oranges are a popular citrus fruit in the winter season, and they are loved by most of us. They are considered a very rich source of many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Let’s learn more about the benefits of orange and its nutritional contents below.

Here is Top Health Benefits of Oranges Foods

These are the benefits of orange in detail:.

1- Prevention and control of cancer

Numerous research has demonstrated the benefits of orange and citrus fruits in general:

  • Fighting a large number of cancers, including skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon cancers.
  • Reducing the risk of liver cancer, possibly due to its carotenoids content, which is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Unanimously agreed that orange peel prevents and protects against lung cancer because it contains the following articles: Albolmetoxflavonz (Polymethoxyflavones), and Allymenoad (liminoid), and the latter also helps to prevent cancers of the stomach, colon, and breast.

2- Reducing cholesterol

These are the benefits of orange in this regard:

  • The high orange soluble fiber content makes it very beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  • The white orange peel (pulp) contains flavonoids that help lower the low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol).

3- Promote cardiovascular health

Oranges are a fruit rich in potassium and calcium, and they are:

  • Substances are responsible for regulating and enhancing heart function.
  • Potassium is an important component of the cell and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure. When potassium levels drop, the heart rhythm becomes abnormal, in a condition called arrhythmia.

As well as oranges have a role in regulating high blood pressure, as the flavonoids present in oranges help to regulate high blood pressure because the magnesium present in them helps maintain blood pressure.

4- It strengthens the immune system

This is how oranges strengthen the immune system :

  • Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which protects cells by fighting free radicals. Every 100 grams of it contains 53.2 mg of vitamin C, and free radicals cause chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.
  • Its antioxidants work against viral infections, as studies indicate that the abundance of polyphenols in oranges protects against viral infection.

5- Prevention of constipation

Oranges contain a high content of dietary fiber that stimulates digestive juices in the digestive system and facilitates the work of the intestine and digestions in general, which helps to prevent and treat constipation

6- Maintaining healthy skin and eyes

The benefits of orange in this regard are due to the following factors:

  • Oranges are rich in carotene compounds that:
    • Converted into vitamin A to help prevent macular degeneration, fight night blindness and maintain vision.
    • It is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage, which also protects the skin from free radicals and prevents signs of aging.
  • Oranges help prevent skin cancer. Flavonoids in white orange peel (pulp) – and with the help of vitamin C – delay the growth of cancer cells.

7- Orange is a food treasure

Oranges contain:

  • Simple sugars that provide the body with energy, making it one of the athlete’s unique foods.
  • Sugars with a low glycemic index, which means that as long as you do not consume a lot of oranges at one time, it will not lead to high blood sugar and cause problems with insulin or weight gain.
  • Many of the various nutrients are considered low in calories and do not contain saturated fats or cholesterol.
  • Very good levels of B-complex vitamins, such as thiamine, pyridoxine and folic acid.
  • Plant and chemical antioxidants, soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.

8- Promote iron absorption

Because oranges are a rich source of vitamin C, consuming it with iron-rich food sources enhances iron absorption in the intestine.

Orange contents

These are the wonderful ingredients of orange:

  • One medium-sized orange contains more than 60 types of flavonoids and 170 types of different plant nutrients. According to studies, most of these beneficial substances are found in the white crust surrounding the orange.
  • The benefits of orange have long been known to be a rich source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps the body:
    • Confronting and preventing many diseases, especially winter diseases such as flu and cold.
    • Prevention of scurvy, as it enters the composition and protection of body and skin cells.
  • Oranges contain high levels of vitamin A and other antioxidants such as flavonoids such as alpha, beta-carotenoids, lutein, and others.