Best 10 Tips to Stay Healthy in COVID-19 Lockdown


Tips to Stay Healthy in COVID-19 Lockdown : The whole country has been locked down due to coronavirus. People have been ordered to stay indoors to be safe from coronavirus (COVID-19). Now in such a situation the routine of the people has completely deteriorated, where there is no right time to eat nor rest. In this case, you will be saved from coronavirus , but it will be difficult to avoid other diseases.

Although, we are all going through a difficult phase, but with our understanding, our health can be taken care of even at home. If you follow 10 things correctly every day, then your immunity will be strengthened, so that you can stay completely healthy by staying away from all diseases. Here are Tips to Stay Healthy in COVID-19 Lockdown

List of Top 10 Tips to Stay Healthy in COVID-19 Lockdown

  • A Glass Of Lukewarm Water
  • Exercise And Yoga
  • House Cleaning
  • Body Cleansing
  • Adequate Water Intake
  • Green Vegetables And Seasonal Fruits
  • Avoid Eating Fried, Spicy
  • Laugh
  • Get Plenty Of Sleep
  • Fasting One Day A Week

1. A Glass Of Lukewarm Water

To maintain energy level in the body, you should start your day with lukewarm water. Drinking lukewarm water increases the body’s metabolic rate. You can also take it as lemon tea. Tea is also found to be protective against viral diseases.

2. Exercise And Yoga

Exercise and yoga regularly is necessary for a healthy body. In such a situation, in the morning, do exercises like crunches, squats, climbing stairs, running in one place, jumping, twisting hands etc. Apart from this, dance for one hour daily. In this way, not only you will become expert in dancing, but your body will also be fit.

3. House Cleaning

Cleaning the house is a routine job, but a little carelessness can make you sick at the moment. Do not allow water to collect anywhere. Always keep clean the wash basin, sink, kitchen, bathroom, toilet etc. Change the bed sheet frequently. Do not leave any food thing open. Clean the doors and windows of the house with a sanitizer.

4. Body Cleansing

Along with cleaning the house, cleaning of the body is also necessary for a healthy body. Wash hands thoroughly before eating anything. Take a spoonful of Dettol in lukewarm water daily and take a bath. Wear clean washed clothes every day. Avoid putting hands on the face and talk to all the members by making a short distance.

5. Adequate Water Intake

Keep yourself sufficiently hydrated Drink about 2 liters of water daily. Such people never have problems with stomach problem, their skin glows and they also do not have pimples problem. However, patients with kidney and heart disease should not take more fluids if banned by their doctor.

6. Green Vegetables And Seasonal Fruits

While eating fruits and vegetables protects against cancer, the risk of heart-related diseases is also reduced. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber as well as vitamins A, C, anti-oxidants and minerals, making you feel fit and active.One of the most important Tips to Stay Healthy in COVID-19 Lockdown,because stay home and stay safe. Eat fruits and vegetables of different colors. They contain different types of antioxidants.

7. Avoid Eating Fried, Spicy

Chal-roasted spicy food is as delicious as it is harmful. Excess oil spices increase the level of bad cholesterol, which later increases the risk of heart disease.

8. Laugh

Laughing not only reduces a person’s stress, but also cures many diseases. Laughing openly keeps the blood circulation of the body correct. At the time of intervention, your lungs also get good exercise.

9. Get Plenty of Sleep

According to many research studies, people who sleep less than 7 hours die early. Good and adequate sleep is very important for healthy health. People who go to sleep at 10 o’clock at night and wake up at 6 o’clock feel fresh all day. Such people have less stress and anxiety.

10. Fasting One Day A Week

The fat burning process is accelerated during the fast, due to which the fat is rapidly mistaken. Fat cells release a hormone called leptin. so i have a solution to Tips to Stay Healthy in COVID-19 Lockdown, Getting less calories during fasting affects the activation of leptin and reduces weight. To maintain nutrition in the body, you can consume fresh fruits and boiled green vegetables.