Best Fruits That Help Reduce Uric Acid Naturally


The presence of excessive uric acid in your bloodstream can reason gout. To save you this condition, it’s miles critical to look at your consuming conduct. A healthy weight loss program AND right remedy could assist maintain YOUR uric acid at ordinary degrees.

here are a number of the ingredients that you must consist of to your food plan to hold uric acid at regular levels.

Fruits That Reduce Uric Acid Naturally:

1. Apples

You can add apples into your diet because they are enriched with malic acid, they help to neutralize uric acid in blood stream. This gives relief to persons or patients who are suffering from high uric acid condition.

2. Bananas

Including bananas in your diet is beneficial in lowering excess uric acid levels.

3. Cherries

Cherry is a tiny fruit that is perfect for reducing uric acid levels, as well as cholesterol. They are hugely beneficial to your health.

Also, you only need to consume around 10 cherries daily to start lowering your uric acid level. You should always consume them as they are; which means, do not make jams or pies out of them, just consume the natural fruit. Wash them well before consuming, and enjoy the benefits.

4. Cranberries

Cranberries are generally known to be one of the fruits with the most medicinal benefits for the treatment of uric acid. If you are suffering from this disease, you should try to find cranberries.

Cranberries contains lots of anthocyanins and vitamin C, which are both very effective when trying to reduce uric acid naturally. You should try drinking a glass of cranberry fruit juice after lunch!

5. Lemons and Oranges

What if you got used in starting your day with a glass of water with that freshly-squeezed lemon on an empty stomach? Then, that would be ideal.

Also, you could add a glass of orange juice, later in the day. Vitamin C is perfect for reducing the amount of uric acid in your blood. Vitamin C dissolves the crystals that stick into our joints, thus, helping to get rid of them.

Remember that Vitamin C also includes grapefruits and limes. Drinking a few glasses of fruit juice that are rich in vitamin C will help you reduce uric acid naturally.

6. Lime

Lime juice contains citric acid, which is a solvent of uric acid,. Adding it into your daily diet is very helpful in preventing high uric acid level.

Just squeeze 1/2 lime juice in 1 glass of water, then take it every day.

7. Strawberries

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, and they are good at dissolving the purines in your blood that your kidneys can’t. Also, you can consume strawberries with breakfast every morning, or drink their juice by boiling and then processing them using a blender with a bit of water.

Just remember not to add any sugar or use strawberries that are too ripe; these might contain too much glucose to effectively lower the uric acid in your blood.

Now you know what fruits are great in reducing uric acid naturally. But, you should pair them with a low-fat diet, minus red meat. You should try adding artichokes to your diet, which is a very beneficial vegetable!