Homemade Tips For Fair Hands and Feet

Homemade Tips For Fair Hands and Feet

 Hands and feet are the most important parts of our body. Hands give us help to do our work and feet give you help to walk and move. Special care should be taken for hands and feet. If hands and feet are dark and not fair it can affect a person’s personality. Whenever you take care of your face treat your feet and hands regularly. Some tricks and tips are given for you to make your hands and feet look good and beautiful.

You can make hands and feet fair and smooth by using certain homemade treatments. Don’t apply chemicals it can be harmful to hands and feet.

Hands beauty care tips:
Here are some home remedies for hands that are inexpensive and everybody can use these remedies and improve the complexion and color of hands and feet.

Lemon and salt:
Lemon is very good for enhancing the complexion of the skin of hands and feet. Take a lemon cut into pieces and sprinkle salt over it then rub over your feet for 10 to 15 minutes then wash with fresh water.

Treatment with tomato:
It is one of the effective treatments for feet and hands. Take a tomato juice and add turmeric then mix it will be in the form of a paste. Apply it on hands and feet you will feel the difference.

Rosewater and milk tips:
Milk is very good for cleansing and for removing dirt. Take a cup of milk and add two spoons of rose water mix it then applies this liquid with the help of cotton. Leave it for an hour then wash it for brighter effects.

Use of honey:
Honey is very good for hands and feet beauty. Honey is famous for shine provider so apply honey with

Aloe Vera gel:
Aloe Vera is a natural remedy to improve the color of hands and feet skin. Apply the aloe Vera gel on hands and feet leave it for some time then wash it will provide you with a glowing effect.

Moisturizing is important:
Do moisturize your feet and hands regularly it will also make skin soft and shiny.

People usually apply sunblock on their face when they go outside but ignore their hands and feet. So when you go outside apply sunblock on hands and feet as they need equal concentration as other parts of the body needs. Sunblock will protect your skin from sun rays.

Use of lotion:
Take a lot of lotion then apply on feet at night, massage well then wear cotton socks for the whole night then wash feet in the morning and feel the difference.

Glycerin is a very good treatment for feet and hands. Wash feet and hands well then apply glycerin with few drops of lemon at night before going to bed. Do this treatment twice a week.

Cleansing is very important for skin, hands, and feet. Cleansing clean the skin of hands and feet deeply take any good cream or which is available at your home apply on feet and hands massage well and slowly than clean feet and hands with a piece of cotton it will remove all sort of dust from feet and hands and provides you with soft and clean feet and hands.

In this article, We have discussed many tips for hands and feet in order to make them beautiful. Keep on visiting this site for more tips on some other topic.