How to Have a Good Night Routine Health Tips


How to Have a Good Night Routine Health Tips

Routines and rituals are almost everyone’s favorite things. At times you might not like a morning routine but maybe that Friday night going out and eating popcorn is something you like. There are so many patterns and routines in one’s life and if we follow a proper healthy routine that benefits the body and mind, our future self would thank us for our efforts that we do now. In these routines, we must put things that we like and also the tasks that would benefit us. Want and need go side by side so we must also be doing things that help our body and the peace of our mind, rather than watching movies all night just because we want to. In this article, we will talk about some of the things you can embed in your night routine to make it more comforting and relaxing.

Walk or stretch

The night is a time to unwind and relax. But it doesn’t mean resting is lying on a couch all evening. There are evening and sleeping exercises one can do to make the body loosen up a bit. The exercises you do for weight loss are different and the exercises you do to relax yourself and the body tissues and muscles are different and less hectic. So you can do some yoga or light walk, pacing around your house or building or in a lawn. This will help a lot after a tiring day.

Herbal tea

Herbal teas are great to calm the mind and body because they are good for the metabolism and digestive system. Thus after all your meals and running around errands all day, ending the day with some nice hot herbal tea will surely help and comforting.

Face wash and brush

This is an important step. Many people don’t put off their makeup before going to bed which in turn makes the pores clog. The skin gets suffocated like this and you see rashes and pimples appear on the skin. Even if you have not put on makeup in the day, even then wash your face with a nice face wash that suits your skin and then get to sleep. This keeps the skin clean and the pores breathing. Brush your teeth at night too. There are so many benefits of it, especially the bacteria and food gets cleaned out making you hygienically cleaner.

Warm bath

A warm bath also helps unwind and relax, meanwhile also cleaning your body. Use scented shampoo and soaps and unwinds your tired muscles.

No screen/light time

That is equally important especially in today’s world where people are literally glued to the screens of their phones and laptops almost all the time. There are countries and people who even take their phone in the shower with plastic coverings on. So before bedtime, have no screen time. This means, two hours prior to sleeping, put your cell phone and laptop and Ipad tablet everything away. If you have a house, but these things in a separate room. If you are living in a room, like a dorm room, then put them within the drawer or the other side of the room. Don’t watch these screens and even TV before sleeping, it kills the sleep.

Scented candle

Scented candles help the senses feel good and calm. Pick out the scents you like and buy those candles. Light them before going to bed. 5 minutes of breathing in a candle while eyes closed will very healthy and refreshing for your exhausted mind and tired body.

To do list

Meanwhile you are breathing in that scented candle, how about to jot down the tasks of tomorrow so that you are not worried about the next day keeping your mind running and your eyes open all night. Take 10 minutes each day to pen down anything you have on your mind and then sleep.