Natural Homemade Remedies For Blackheads


Natural Homemade Remedies For Blackheads

.Blackheads are a common problem faced by many young girls. Blackheads are open pores, dead skin and oil are common among all age groups. Here are some tips to remove blackheads from the skin.

Use of baking soda:
Baking soda is the best option to remove blackheads. It helps in getting rid of blackheads. Baking soda paste will very good for removing blackheads. Take one tablespoon of baking soda in a small amount of water and make it in paste form. Apply it over the skin leave it for some time then wash away. Use this remedy two to three times a week.

Treat your skin with lemon juice. This treatment is very simple. Apply lemon juice with the help of cotton on the skin. Leave it for some time or keep it overnight. Wash with the cold water. Use this remedy twice a week.

Green Tea:
Green Tea is very good for you. It has many benefits for you it. Make green tea and leave it to cool. Apply this liquid over the skin with cotton balls. It is very helpful to control your skin oil.

Honey is another good choice for people who want to get rid of blackheads. Take honey and warm it. Apply this warm honey onto blackheads. Leave it for some time then remove it with a warm piece of cloth. Repeat it for some time you will feel the difference.

Bring turmeric:
Turmeric is very effective for skin and blackheads. Turmeric paste is very good for you. Take one tablespoon of turmeric, add a little amount of water, and make it in a paste form. Apply it over the skin leave it for some time and wash it with tap water. It will keep you away from future blackheads.

Egg white mask:
The egg is a very good and inexpensive treatment at home. Egg whites are also rich in nutrients for your skin. Separate the egg white from the yolk. Beat it well. Apply it over skin leave it and wait. You will feel tightness in your skin. Then clean it with a warm cloth. It will help you to remove current blackheads and reduces the chances of future blackheads.

Vinegar and mint leaves:
The use of vinegar will eliminate your blackhead from the skin. Mix vinegar with freshly crushed mint leaves and leave this liquid for one week. Add one cup of water to it and leave for 6 days. Apply it over skin with the help of cotton balls and wash it in the morning you will feel a difference.

Cosmetic clay:
It is very easy to tip. Take cosmetic clay and add water to it, make its paste. Apply it over the skin leave it for some time then wash it with cool water. It will help you to get rid from blackheads.

Use of toothbrush:
The use of toothbrushes is an extreme method for you so apply this method when everything fails. You need for this treatment is a toothbrush, lemon, and skin-friendly oil. Rub toothbrush over blackhead in a circular motion with a soft hand. Apply this only once a week.

Use of tomatoes:
Tomatoes are one of the natural blessings. Mash the tomato, extract its juice. Apply it over blackheads in a circular motion. This treatment will remove your blackheads overnight.
In this article, I have shared many tips to remove blackheads from the face. Keep visiting this site for information on more topics.