New Tips For Oily Skin


New Tips For Oily Skin

Just like dry skin, many people face a lot of problems in everyday life due to oily skin. There are many fears attached to using a lot of things on oily skin, one of them is using a moisturizer and sun screen on it. The greasiness and oily texture people get on their skins creeps them out when using anything on their skin and that is why many don’t use anything causing the skin to get damaged more than it normally would if they applied something on it. in this article, I have listed some of the tips for oily skin that people with this skin type can apply to get a better looking fresh, and radiant skin.

Regular washing

By regular washing means once in the morning and once every night with a nice face wash but that also doesn’t mean that you should over wash your face. People with oily skin must wash their face twice a day with a face wash and almost 3 times without face wash. That is to remove excess dirt and dust from it.

Face wash and scrubs

I have always advised people using a face wash because the soap dries the skin. Now you might think it’s a good thing to wash off the oily skin with a dry soap but no, that also increases the natural texture of the skin to be more oily and greasy. Use a face wash every day that is for oily skins. Using a scrub once a week or twice a week is also very helpful but again make sure it is all for oily skins.

Fewer products on the face

Try not to apply more products on the face as no matter what you apply, everything has some degree of chemical in them that dries out the skin completely or makes it so much cakey and oily increasing the greasiness on the skin.

Drink more water

That is a trip I shouldn’t be telling you about because it is that obvious and common but many don’t know its benefits therefore I am mentioning again. Drinking water hydrates the skin and therefore the skins are filled with water, they clear out the pores and the oil from the skin thus making it glow and appear shiny and radiant.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are a very good thing to keep with you when traveling or going out because they are very handy and you can wipe all the dust from your face in minutes without giving to go to a tap or find water. The good thing about these is that they are easily available everywhere, they are easy to carry and they don’t have any damaging product on them.

Avoid oily food

Oily foods when taken in not only cause problems for the digestive system but the effects of them are bluntly shown on the skin in the form of acne and oily. The dusty and greasy layer on the skin is due to all the oily food you consume that in turn affects not only the belly fat but also the skin and makes it appear very ill and dull.

Hot water with lemon

Drinking lemon in warm water in the morning on an empty stomach also prevents acne and reduces the appearance of oily skin. Drink one warm glass of lemon water every day, it is not only good for the skin but also the digestive system and overall health of the body.

Regularly moisturize

Like I mentioned at the start of the article, not many people moisturize their oily faces. Don’t be one of them, moisturize your face every day and use a nongreasy and good company moisturizer for oily skin that will reduce skin oil and make it more fresh allowing the pores to breathe. If you are scared to even now then consult a good doctor and show your lotion to them before applying.