Some Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight


Some Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

We spend hours and hours starving ourselves to death but don’t lose weight. Right? Do you know why that happens? I have been there and in fact, at times I also get back to this old pattern of doing the things that won’t let me lose weight. However, we can stop this by knowing what works and what doesn’t listed below are some reasons why people don’t lose weight even when trying hard.

You drink cold water

Coldwater is one of the biggest reasons for belly fat gain. If you are drinking cold water then no matter how many diets you do, they are not going to work because this cold and chilled water freezes our system and also the fat around the belly.

You take less but high-calorie food

He has been happening with me. if you also take less food but that is high in calorie than you and I my friend, are at a loss. When we take high-calorie food, that doesn’t just stores extra fat but also makes it harder for us to lose the previous fat. Eat lots of food with very few calories.

You don’t exercise regularly

That is the one thing many struggle with when it comes to weight loss. If you are just sitting on your couch drinking diet coke, then forget losing weight ever. In order to burn the calories into energy and ATP, you actually need to move your body. Go for a walk or exercise or yoga or anything. Just keep moving.

You deprive body of nutrients

Depriving our body of the nutrients when we go on crash diets doesn’t only damage the body and our natural systems it also damages the ability of the brain to function properly. You won’t lose weight if your body is striving to complete its vitamin deficiency and no, the fat doesn’t just magically transform itself into vitamins. You need to consume them.

You don’t sleep at night

Staying awake late at night is also another major reason you are not losing weight. If you don’t believe me, check out the latest researches conducted by scientists on Americans where they prove that the Americans spend most of their nights staying awake late and they are the ones who are obese. In order to have a smart body and mind, one needs to follow a proper pattern of life and routine.

You eat oily foods

That is something you already know but I guess are too sluggish or afraid to admit. Those donuts you eat on a Sunday night after a whole week of crush diet is actually either fried in oil or baked with tons of sugar and plain flour. Along with the diet and exercise, if you are still consuming oily foods, then you won’t lose weight in another 10 years. Stop doing that to your body and start cutting down on sugar and oil, like 95% for a couple of months if you want to lose weight in this decade and also want your body shape back.

You eat at night

Eating at night slows down the metabolism and therefore the body digests the food late, storing it in the form of that belly you can’t get rid of no matter what you try. If you sleep at night and rise up early in the morning and probably walk or jog or run or do yoga, you will lose weight and feel healthy a lot quicker.

You eat while using watching TV

Eating while watching TV has also proven to increase the weight and mass and belly and thigh fat. A healthy and slim body and mind demand giving proper time to the food and all the attention there is when you are eating. If you watch TV or use your phone and eat, you will gain more weight and feel ill over time.