Top 4 Drinks To Drink This Summer


Top 4 Drinks To Drink This Summer

There are times when one doesn’t feel like drinking plain water. We either go for fizzy drinks or make artificial drinks of powder. To some, it may seem healthy and a good substitute for plain water but what many misunderstand and don’t know about is that these artificially flavored drinks have a very huge amount of sugar content in them. In fact, there is 80% sugar in them which is the processed white sugar, extremely harmful for the body and increases body mass and fat. I would suggest switching these sugary drinks with something more organic and fresh. Pure and fresh fruits have amazing qualities if eaten as a salad or fruit or taken in as a fresh juice and smoothie. There are so many ways you can take in these fruits and water at the same time to get double benefits. In this article, I have listed almost 4 drinks which are very easy to make and absolutely pure to take into your body. Remember whatever you take in your body will appear on your skin and affect your mind. So drink healthy and natural drinks more and avoid sugary drinks.

Cherry slush

This one is my ultimate favorite drink these days and I consume so much this every day. Almost like 4 glasses of cherry slush complete my day and the rest of the day I drink almost 4 glasses of water. To make this fresh cherry slush all you need are a lot if of cherries. Avoid getting the tin fruits as they are also heavily drenched in sugar syrup and preservatives.

Go to the market and get fresh cherries.
Then take out the seed and put them in the blender.
Put water on it and blend till it is smooth.
Add some honey and blend a little more.
Add ice as you like and drink or serve your guests.

Cucumber water

This one is very easy to make and very healthy but not so common among people. You can make this in two ways. The first is to:

Cut cucumber into round slices.
Take a jug of water.
Put cucumber slices in it.
Leave this overnight and drink the next morning.

The second way of making this drink is:

Put cucumber slices in a blender.
Add some water and blend till it's smooth.
Now add a little honey and blend.
The drink is ready to be served.

Pineapple and pomegranate juice

Pineapple and pomegranate is a rare combination and not many people think about it when talking about drinks. One is a little citrus while and the other is sweet. However, they make an excellent combination. So to make this drink all you need to do is:

Get either fresh pineapple or tin.
Take out the pomegranate juicy seeds.
Put both in the blender and add some water.
Blend until smooth and drink.

Now I have not added honey in this one because I believe this drink is already going to be too sweet because of the pineapple and the pomegranate. Also, I have mentioned here the tin pineapple because you hardly find a fresh pineapple everywhere. So it is in fruit but water it with clean water so the sugar syrup and preservatives get washed away. Now it is safe to use.

Apple lemonade

This drink is also never seen in everyday life drinking options but again is very tasty and healthy. The name suggests the ingredients. We will use apple and lemon to make this. The following is the method:

Take apple slices without their peel.
Put them in the blender and add half a glass of water.
Blend until smooth, and then add lemon fresh lemon juice taken out in a glass.
Add some honey and water and then blend.
Now take a net filter and separate the fruit chunks from the juice and serve with ice.