6 Amazing Ways to Increase Your Height

 Short height people always wish they were taller. people that have short height especially men, are self-conscious and also discouraged by society. Society provocation makes them feel less confident. It is said that a person’s height is basically the average height of its ancestors. There is a hormone in a human body which is produced by the pituitary gland (also known as the master gland) and known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the function of this hormone is to control height. HGH is essential to a body as it helps in growing cartilage and long bones. There are many other factors which are the main reason for short height such as low birth weight, smoking during pregnancy, poor post-natal care, premature birth, and poor health in childhood. Some people think that they cannot grow their height after entering their adulthood, this is totally wrong. A person can increase its height up to several inches after 18 but this can only be possible by incorporating some healthy diet and exercise in daily life.

6 Amazing Ways to Increase Your Height

Though it is difficult to grow after 25 as the bones and hormones production finally stops but the few tricks can help in adding a few inches to your height. Tips which can be followed to increase height are broadly classified into two categories:

  • Natural method
  • Artificial or temporary method
  1. Natural methods do work if they are followed properly. Drastic results are not possible if someone thinks after following them properly but it is guaranteed that this method does not interfere with the functioning and endocrine of one’s body. This method includes a proper diet full of nutrition like green vegetables, chicken, peas, liver, potatoes, dry fruits, beans, fruits especially apple and banana. Dairy products, nutrition play, and the proper diet are so important in improving height.
  2. A diet that contains iodine, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus is said to be a perfect diet. When following this diet chart, it should be cleared in mind that junk food is strictly prohibited as they interfere with minerals absorption which is important to growth. To get maximum amino acids, protein, carbohydrates, and calcium; the following items should be added to an everyday meal like carrots, egg yolk, fish, beef, etc. The importance of calcium cannot be denied so it is advised to take milk on daily Proper sleep also helps in increasing height as HG hormones do its job when a person is in a deep sleep.
  3. Correct posture of sleep is also necessary during sleep, a straight spine helps in increasing height and keeps the body inaccurate position. In fact, proper body posture like how you sit and how you stand contributes to how tall you appear.
  4. Continuous and proper exercises can kill even more than half of the diseases. Exercises have basically kept the body in a good shape as well as fight with diseases. There is some exercise that helps in growing in which most of the important is stretching; it helps in growing the height to a few inches. Stretching exercise includes super stretch and touching toes, cobra stretching, basic leg stretching and twists, and bar-pulls. Spending 30-40 minutes on a daily basis can totally change your personality. Yoga can also help in body development, just a few yoga steps like tadasana (mountain pose) and Bhujanga asana (stretch spine) are the two yoga steps that can easily stimulate the growth hormones.
  5. There are some factors which are mandatory in determining the height in which the most important factor is meditation, as it is cleared that human growth hormones are released by the pituitary gland which increases height so spend a little medication on the pituitary gland as it is a best scientific way to increase height. The second, most important factor is the sunlight or vitamin D. Vitamin D is directly related to the bones and height so we can easily get vitamin D through natural sources i.e. sun (in the morning or afternoon). Another major factor that helps in growing is to refrain from substances like narcotics and alcohol. These agents interfere with growth and dehydrate the body and also intake of these substances cause obesity. Another major factor that interferes with growth is stress. Stress is the root cause of multiple diseases and disturbs growth hormones as well.
  6. There are supplements available in the market which produce GH (growth hormones) to increase height. Homeopathic and Ayurveda supplements are available in the market like Height Top Cap, peak height, grow bone, how to get taller, etc., Peak height is designed by the US doctors and is considered to be the best. These height increasing supplements are used to stimulate the pituitary gland which makes Height Growing Hormones. They contain multiple amounts of nutrients and all the above-mentioned factors that help in increasing height. These supplements are verified, tested, and scientifically approved by doctors. Besides these supplements height insoles are also available which are fitted in the shoe sole and used to increase the height.

All the methods discussed above if applied regularly and seriously focused then one can easily gain height. Although it is a natural phenomenon that a person gains height but some efforts and proper healthy and regular diet and exercise help to cope up with the situation.