Best Superfoods That Will Help You Lose Weight

When trying to shed some extra pounds, you ought to always pay close attention to your diet. you'll start doing exercises, choose runs, and do a workout a day, but if you continue eating junk and fatty foods that make your hips grow, burning extra calories will become an entire lot harder. this is often when superfoods come in! a number of them are good at suppressing hunger and making you are feeling full for extended periods of your time, while others help reduce belly fat. Here are 10 superfoods which will assist you to reduce.

Best Superfoods That Will Help You Lose Weight


Avocado is a well-known superfood that has all kinds of benefits for your health and body. It is low in calories, but it will fill you up in no time keeping you satiated for half a day. Make avocado a part of your breakfast routine or add it to your lunch sandwich – you will not feel like having any snacks afterward!


Many overlook bananas when planning their diet, but that is a huge mistake. Not only do they promote a good mood and help your brain take in serotonin faster, but they also contain Vitamin B and a fat-burning compound called choline that helps reduce stomach fat. That’s a real superfood! You can eat bananas plain as a snack, make them into morning smoothies, shakes, sandwiches, and even add them to your oatmeal.


Guava is an incredible fruit not many people know about. It’s a powerful source of Vitamin C and protein that helps you feel satiated for longer periods of time. Eat high-protein fruits if you are into a workout and want to shed some pounds – they are low in calories but will fill you up in no time. You can eat guava raw or add it to a fruit smoothie.

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Green tea

When it comes to promoting weight loss green tea is your new best friend. One cup of green tea contains only 2 calories, but its benefits go much further. Green tea flushes out toxins, reduces inflammation, and cleanses your body on various levels. A few cups of green tea per day will help you shed some extra pounds.


You can forget all about hunger pangs when blueberries are on your plate. These minute berries aren’t just pretty — they also pack a heavy load of various vitamins (A, C, K), dietary fiber, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. They make for a perfect snack or can be added to drinks, smoothies, fruit bowls, desserts, and whatever another dish you might come up with.


Studies show that grapefruit is chock-full of lycopene that reduces cholesterol levels and helps burn belly fat among other things. It prevents several diseases from appearing and contains a high amount of Vitamin C that boosts your metabolism. Eat half a grapefruit before breakfast and consider adding a few slices to your lunchbox. 


Matcha might very well be the king of all weight-loss superfoods on this list. It contains high levels of EGCG, a compound that promotes weight loss and helps break down fat, preventing new fat from appearing. It also contains proteins, which makes it perfect for your diet. You can prepare traditional Japanese matcha tea from the green powder or use it to make super-popular-now matcha lattes and smoothies. Matcha is pretty bitter, so if you want to sweeten it a bit better use organic honey.


Lentils have been known to humankind for thousands of years and they are just as popular now as they were before! They are high in dietary fiber and contain enough protein to keep you satiated for a whole day. Needless to say, they are low in calories as well! Red, green, black, or yellow – there are many varieties of lentils you can experiment with.

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Coconut Oil

Not many people know this, but coconut oil is a powerful metabolism booster. Our bodies don’t store the fats present in coconut oil as they get broken down really fast after consumption. You can use coconut oil for salads, stir-fries, and all kinds of baked yummies. It tastes amazing!


Spinach has been a superfood long before the term hit the Internet and became a trend. If you’re looking for a powerful weight-loss booster – this is it! Spinach is an incredible detoxifier that helps cleanse your liver, the organ responsible for flushing out toxins and all kinds of bad stuff from your body. It’s hard to shed unwanted pounds if your liver isn’t healthy! You can cook spinach on a pan, stir-fry it with a bunch of veggies, add it to smoothies, salads, and omelets. It tastes yummy and will considerably boost your health.

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