Facts About Unhealthy Fast Food

Facts About Unhealthy Fast FoodFood is such a thing that every person needs, every day. Fast food is such food that can be made easily in a short and quick time. Fast food is a good way to save time but it has no nutrition value for health.it has lots of calories and fats in it. Fast food is food, which is loved by all of us. Fast food includes pastries, pizzas, sandwiches, sweets, candies, burgers, chips, and it also includes soft drinks. Fast food is inexpensive, tastes good but unhealthy for health and diet. The food available at stores has a high amount of sodium and unhealthy fats that can destroy health. Fast food is also a wastage of money, destroys health quickly, and makes you suffer from different diseases.

Too much sugar:
Fast food items have a large amount of sugar in it. Excessive use of sugar can destroy health and makes you fat. A simple burger contains 10 grams of sugar. Breakfast items of fast food contain many calories in it. Too much use of sugar is not good for you.

Obesity basically means you have too much heavy or fat body. Fast food has many calories which leads you towards heavyweight. Fast food has also affected our eating routine. People who eat fast food less eat fruits, vegetables and drink milk. This routine automatically leads them to obesity.

Heart disease:
Heart diseases are very common among people who take fast food on regular basis. one research shows that for people who eat fast food for four or more than four weeks, there are many chances of heart diseases for them. Because fast food has a large amount of fat in it and those fats can clog the arteries and also increase the cholesterol level, makes you suffer from many diseases.

Fast food has also affected the tradition of cooking food at home because busy people find this best alternative for them. Fast food is the reason for a poor lifestyle, in which you are physically overweighted and inactive. Fast food leads you toward obesity and then you move toward the development of diabetes.

No family gathering:
Fast food has also affected our tradition of family gathering. In this era of modernization, everyone is too much busy that they have no time for their dear ones. Previously it was tradition to have lunch or dinner with all family members but now with the coming of fast food, everyone can buy food and eat while walking, driving cars, and sitting at their workplace.

No specific timing:
Fast food has no specific time of eating and a healthy person needs to eat food at proper timing .fast food can be eaten at any time and at any place.

Food poisoning and stomach disorder:
The cooking environment of Fast food is not so perfect to cook healthy food. It can cause stomach disorder loss of appetite, abnormal digestion and sometimes food poisoning. Fast food does not satisfy all needs of the stomach. It makes you suffer from many troubles.

Absence of nutrients:
In fast food, there are no healthy nutrients. Home-cooked food is rich in taste and as well as in nutrients values. Fast food can leads you towards body disorder.