Latest Ways to Grow Long Thick Beautiful Hair Fast Naturally

 Hair is the most glamorous part of our body which can change the looks of a person if carried in different styles. The question may arise in our mind how hair arise? Hair actually arises from follicles made up of protein. The hair grows as the thickness of the epidermal cell increases. The rate of thickness depends on the availability of carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, hormones and minerals, etc.

Latest Ways to Grow Long Thick Beautiful Hair Fast Naturally

Mostly hair grows 2 inches per month but growth can be affected by genetic factors. For longer hair, you must drink water excessively. There should be a proper diet including all the essential vitamins, hormones minerals, and carbohydrates. We should not shampoo our hair daily because it may damage the hair follicles and reduces growth. The shampoo does not make the hair shiny but it is used to remove all kinds of dirt in hair.

The use of an oil mask in a week can enhance hair growth because the hair touching our shoulder is older than at the scalp. They need more tender loving care than younger hairs. Hair colors must be avoided.

The use of hair straighter or roller may reduce the growth of hair. The gel of aloe Vera can provide protection to the hair and also provides essential minerals needed for hair to grow.

We must not comb wet hair because it may cause hair breakage so combing should be done before washing them.
Excessive combing or handling of hairs must be avoided. If we cover our hair by any scarf, it will block the entry of dirt in hairs and enhance increases its length. Islam also teaches us to cover our hair. The Muslim girls who cover their heads have beautiful long hairs than the non-Muslim girls who do not cover their heads. The reason is the sunlight exposure can damage the hair follicle.

Avoid too much swimming it may also soften the hairs because mostly in the swimming chlorine is used in small concentration to clean it up which may enter the follicle cell and is not suitable for hair growth.

A fatty acid is taken from fish, walnut and avocado can help in faster hair growth. Collagen is the protein that surrounds the hair if lost may cause hair breakage and can produce by eating vitamin C rich fruits like strawberries, Citrus fruits, and red peppers.

Nuts, oats and brown rice is a rich source of the beta complex from which biotin belongs which is an essential vitamin for hair growth. The methylsulfonylmethane if used can helps in the increase of keratin which is also a hair protein and also strengthens the hair follicles. Iron is essential for hair follicle which provides strength to hair can be taken by eating green vegetables. Vitamin E helps in increasing the amount of keratin which helps in reducing hair breakage. It can be obtained by eating cooked spinach, almond and sunflower seeds, etc.

Coconut oil mask can help hairs to grow faster. The use of milk can increase the needed proteins for hairs because milk is a mixture of multiple proteins needed for hairs.