Makeup Tips for Beginners


Makeup Tips for Beginners

If you are new and don’t have any idea about how to wear makeup for different occasions then this is the right place for you. You can easily learn about makeup and simple methods and tips will help you out and make it will be an easy makeup for beginners. Different people don’t know and figure out where they should start the makeup and how to prepare a base when starting the makeup.

Using the Base
When you are about to start your makeup just make sure that you will use an even base that perfectly matches your skin tone, try to use a thin base if you are going for an indoor party or hangout. If you are going for an outdoor trip then it is better to use are a smooth base that will protect your skin from sun and dust. The color and skin will be protected.

Using Lipstick
When selecting the lipstick color make sure that you use light lip color if the dress is of normal color and if the dress is dark you can put on heavy lip color but the rest of the makeup has to be light so that will add attraction to your makeup. Try to use a light lip color in the morning. Make sure the color stays on your lips when you drink or eat something.

Eye Shadow
If the makeup is for the evening use a dark color with a shiner on it. You can also use one single glitter color. If the color of the lips is very dark so don’t use complete dark on your eyes. Mix it with the light or gold/ silver color and blend it. If the makeup is for daytime just use one single light color for a soft look.

Mascara and Liner
Liner is mostly preferred for evening makeup. As we all know that the mascara is for enhancing the lash. It can be used for any makeup. But use thin liner if the makeup is for a simple party. You can also use a thick liner with light eyeshade if going out for dinner and any big occasion.